Frequently Asked Questions

The Dopest Apparel red t-shirt. Albatross flight school

What happened to The Dopest Shirts?

Nothing. The Dopest Shirts still exist. It just expanded beyond shirts and now includes other products. In fact, if you type into your browser, it will still lead you right back to here. The Dopest shirts are still here. 


Are your designs original? 

100%. Absolutely. The Dopest Shirts and The Dopest Apparel designs are all original. We do not copy, recreate or remake other people work. We are artist; we draw, paint, design, build and create pieces from nothing: so we respect others work. We do not own the fonts. All fonts used are public domain or free use, to our knowledge. If you think we have used a font that is not free use, please email us and we will quickly address the situation. 


What sizes do you carry?

The Dopest Apparel offers apparel in just about every size. All of our products range from small to 3/4XL, but not all sizes are always in stock. We call ourselves the Dopest for a reason and some sizes sell out quicker than others; so make sure you get yours early and more than likely, we'll have your size. 


 Do you do custom orders?

Yes. If you already have the design made, we can add it to your preference of style tee. If you would like us to design an original piece for you, please contact us with the details.